Sometimes photos aren’t enough! Why you shouldn’t trust the online photos when looking at businesses

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They say that a business is more than meets the eye.  This can’t be truer when it comes to business photos.  I recently saw a video showing how a hamburger is styled before the promo picture is going to be taken.  Wow, they would decorate it and put makeup as if this were a hot model.   Now, you obviously do not get at the restaurant the same thing you see on the screen.  The picture makes it look obviously bigger and more appealing, for instance.

The purpose of photos

When you create listings for a real estate, for example, photos are the most important part of it.  You want to create a really stunning visual experience.  Your photos should not only portray what you want people to see, but it should do so professionally.

If you want to have a stunning real estate listings, I would recommend a top Real Estate Photography Calgary.  They really have a great reputation and their work is impeccable.  They really understand that a photograph being professional does not mean one being deceiving.

The purpose of photos is to honestly showcase what a business is about.  Placing “rigged” photos will only disappoint the public and will probably not put the company in a good word.

A pretty good angle

One of the things you must be aware of is that professional photographers will always look for the best angle to take.  There is no harm done here since that is what photographers do.  They stage spaces to make them look more appealing.  It’s just that these are the kind of pictures that you should not trust entirely.  Whatever you see on the pictures was probably staged.

Keep in mind that they will cover flaws, color spots, create artificial lighting.  A photographer going into a hotel room, will try to make the windows look larger and beds look shinier.

So you should just take a look at these pictures from a different angle and perspective.  Whenever you see a super cool picture of a piece of clothing just remember that it will probably not look like that at the store.


Of course, there is also our friend the photoshop.  You see, businesses will not admit touching their pictures.  Plus, when they do it, they will always try to be careful not to go overboard.  Almost all companies will use photoshop to make their products more visually appealing.

Regarding the previous point about the hotel room, there is a difference between taking the best possible angle and placing a stunning view that is not really there.  Hey, but they really want you to rent the room, right?

Looks can be deceiving, and so much more pictures of businesses.  My recommendation here is to always be sober when looking at listings or catalogs.  Place your mind in the place where the light does not shine so bright and the lines are not so pure.