I’m tired of great businesses having crappy websites

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I think I had it with that.  You get great business ideas, innovative ones, breakthroughs, but completely lost in their digital marketing strategy.  More specifically, I am referring to crappy websites that do not really honor the quality of their ideas or services.

What I have seen

These are some of the things that I have seen on websites and make me cringe.

  • Horrible color contrast.  Was it a 3-yo who designed that?
  • No social media buttons. Are you kidding me?  How far do you really want to get?  Where do you think your audience is at?
  • Misuse of templates.  Ok, templates are a good way to start, but they look horrible when you make them too obvious.  Like, I have seen borders on a frame overlapping.  Seriously!?
  • Typos and spelling mistakes.  I think I can take a typo here and there, but spelling or even grammar mistakes?  Uh, haven´t you heard that content is king? If you cannot produce decent content, what are we doing then?  I don´t know!  What is life?
  • Broken links.  Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link that takes you nowhere.
  • That lorem ipsum crap. I mean, why did you make your website public if you are not going to fill it up.  Come on!
  • Crappy pictures.  That pictures that your 5-yo daughter took on vacation, yeah the one featuring her finger on the top left corner, yes, that one?  No, that one does not go on your website.  It is not a family album what you are putting up.
  • Slow loading.  Remember how I mentioned how nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a broken link?  Scratch that.  Slow websites beat that.  You can´t possibly even think of getting traffic with a site that takes eons to load.

Why I believe websites are so hideous

I believe that most of these good businesses got laid behind in technology.  We live in the age of communication where people are gobbling information like no other time.  You have an audience out there, you are an audience.  You say something that people can relate to, they will hear it.

But the face you put is very important.  And a basement that looks like your grandpa’s basement is not going to cut it.

Another reason why I believe websites of great businesses are so grim is that they do not really have a digital marketing strategy in place.  If only they knew all the wonders found in this type of marketing.  There is a lot more audience online than in the real world.

Businesses that are just getting started and doing great, are usually not willing to spend a dime on social media, for instance.  There is a huge demand for web development but the offer is not that much.  Startups do not necessarily have the ability or resources to hire some service on that scale.