My guilty pleasure – going on virtual photo tours of some of the nicest homes in Toronto

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We all have this guilty pleasure we do not really want people to know about, really.  Today, I am writing a blog post about mine.  Go figure.  Maybe it´s not really something to be embarrassed.  It´s probably just that I love Toronto so much that I want to suck in everything I can.

That being said, if you want to know how people live in a place and more of its culture, nothing like going into their homes. You see, I have made plenty of friend in this town, but this does not mean I have a good sample of how daily life develops here.

Life of a house

I love to take strolls on the streets. Breathing in the air and sensing people’s heart through their activities is mesmerizing.  It kinda fills me up if you must. One of my favorite things to do is to walk by houses and fences and enjoy the architectonic design of every building.

Even the color of a house tells you a lot about people living there.  But I am not interested in the particular way of living of people, of course.  I believe that the small glimpse you get to see from everyone is enough to establish a cultural pattern.

Among the houses of urban and suburban areas, there are these that are truly beautiful.  You can tell the design was carefully made with dedication.  Who does not love a beautiful house front behind a colorful garden?

The best real estate photography

As much as I wished I could, I do not find it very appropriately to stand in front of a house and start snapping photos.  One thing about an architectonic work that I enjoy is to go through every detail.  There are lots of really impressive designs here in Toronto.  So, yes, it is a guilty pleasure I have.

It occurred to me that one great way of checking out these nice homes with more detail was through professional photography.  After checking out some options, I was not really satisfied.  You can call me a high-maintenance, but to me, the best photo is the one that makes me feel very closely to the reality.  This means no enhancement or photoshop works for me.  Just show me what it is and how it is.

I then landed to and was impressed.  The quality of the pictures was so good and whoever their photographer is (or are), I feel like this person was able to capture the life in this house.  That is one impressive thing to do.

So now I take virtual tours around homes here and yes, that is my guilty pleasure.