A Guide to selecting a Wedding Venue in Toronto with Great Wedding Décor

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Couples who are planning a wedding spend a lot of time picking a venue for their event. It is very important to pick the right one because your venue creates the mood and atmosphere of your whole wedding.

For couples in Toronto, there are a lot of possible wedding venues for whatever type of wedding you’re planning with your partner. Whether you need a small or large venue, picking the venue needs a set of characteristics to consider so that you get the right one for you. I’ll be giving tips so you can figure out which of the many Toronto wedding venues will be perfect for your wedding.



For many couples, the budget is a very big concern. It is the factor which allows you to limit your list of venues. You can set a maximum budget allocation for your venue so you can pull back if the venue you like is a place you can’t afford. This is also easier on the disappointment since you have set expectations for your wedding. Also think about the average wedding cost toronto.



Wedding dates are usually set months or years before the actual wedding. A venue may be used for another event on the date you choose which won’t allow you to use it for your wedding. This is an inquiry that you can easily direct to the persons-in-charge of the venue to confirm its availability.



The wedding ceremony needs a certain amount of space to accommodate the plans of your wedding. It may start off as the place for your wedding then it gets flipped immediately to the wedding reception part of the event. This is where space considerations come in.

A venue should be easy to change if you plan on doing your wedding this way. It should have a space for cocktail drinks, desert bar, and chocolate fountains. It should also have a space to store for the tables, chairs and decors that you need when transitioning from wedding to reception.



Just like any event, transport for all your guests is also crucial. They should be able to get to the venue so they can attend the wedding. Whether through private cars or public vehicles, access to the venue should be considered.

For those driving to your venue, it should have parking space for cars. More remote locations will need a bus or shuttle that will take your guests from where their cars are parked to the venue of your wedding. This will need a bigger budget though.



Venues can have their own restriction with regards to catering. Some might not allow other caterers other than their own. Others may have a corkage fee for food brought into their venue. There are even venues who limit the kind of food that enter their venue like traditional/non-traditional cuisine.



Planning a wedding in toronto also entails the kind of mood you need to set. Your venue should be able to compliment the kind of environment you like for it. This starts with the wedding decorations for venues to set the mood.

The surrounding structures and features in the venue should match with the planned wedding decors. A beach wedding won’t be having barn wedding decorations. They should coincide with each other so you can make you wedding as perfect as it can be.