Designing and maintaining the best stone driveway in Toronto

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A driveway should be both functional and attractive. It’s going to be one of the first things people see of your home and if you’re looking to sell then a good driveway design can really boost your curb appeal to potential customers. Just as your front door welcomes people into your home so your driveway does as well. Not to mention your family will be interacting with it every day so it’s worth choosing a nice design carefully.

If you’re considering a new driveway project for your Toronto home then it’s recommended that you take your time with planning and design if you want any investment to pay off.

Have it professionally installed

Even if you’re pretty handy with DIY projects around the home you may want to leave the driveway to professional contractors. Poorly chosen materials an installation, such as not putting down a good base layer, can prove a disastrous waste in time and money. Professional contractors like Centuria Masonry can do it all for you in a faction of the time and effort required.

Choose materials and design carefully

A professional contractor will provide you with all the advice needed in choosing the best materials and how to go about design. If using paving stones, you have a lot of options for different designs that can match your homes personal theme. If you get a lot of rainfall then paving stone can aide with water runoff by directing it into the soil instead of over flooding storm drains. Paving stones are also easy to repair and replace when cracks appear. Gravel is a cheaper alternative but will require a lot more maintenance.

Be prepared for proper maintenance

Whether you choose asphalt, stone or gravel you’ll still need to do some maintenance from time to time. Asphalt will need to be sealed and sometimes tar has to be reapplied. Gravel will need to be re-graded each year to keep it looking its best. Paving stones, even of the best quality, will crack necessitating resealing or full replacement.

Other driveway considerations

Even when you have a masonry company picked out, materials selected and designs drawn out, there are a few other things you’ll need to take account of before you can start.


  • Drainage plan – this is a key component of a driveway and there are many drainage options available – channel drains, bordering drains and so on. Take with your masonry contractor to see which one best suits your property
  • City regulations and permitting – each city and state will have different planning regulations so investigate what your local ones are. Responsibility for this lies entirely with the home owner so make sure you have all the information and documents needed.

A well designed and maintained driveway not only provide a beautiful addition to your home, as well as a practical benefit, it’s also great for raising the value of your home. If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market in the next few years then the investment is well worth it.