Some of The Best Ways for Canadians to Make Money Online

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Canadians are a laborious people.  Besides been gentle and peaceful people, we are hard-working.  This means that we have many online options to bring in some extra cash home.  But it is important to be aware of scammers that want to make money out of you instead of making money for you.

Check out what are some of the best ways for Canadians to make some real money online.  This will probably not make you rich right away but you can start earning some extra money that you did not have before.  In fact, if somebody offers such “get rich quick” deal, it is a lie.

Use Your Mobile

There are many companies out there, such as MobileXpression looking for studies of internet trends.  You are usually required to allow this company to monitor your website activity in order for them to gauge and compare internet search trends.

These services come in a variety of options and you could even get some prize games, coupons, Amazon cards, or even some gadgets.

Make Money by Turning Off Your Lights

Residents in Toronto can make up to $300/year by simply turning off their lights.  Of course, they have to sync their utility accounts to an energy-sharing program called OhmConnect.  Via the service, they commit to saving one hour of energy per week.

In order to participate, users must have an account with Toronto Hydro.  The company, only for signing up, will give you up to a $75 reward!  There is also a referral program which allows you to make money for every friend that signs up under your referral.

Drive with Uber

If you have a car in good conditions and is just lying there, you can put that one to work as well.  If you like to be on the road and enjoy serving others, Uber is a great option.

You set your route and are the only responsible to motivate yourself.  There is nobody keeping tabs on you.   Your earnings are calculated based on a base fare and the distance that your pickup traveled.  Uber does charge a service fee which varies depending on the city.

Keep in mind that there are some important requirements to drive with Uber.  You must be 21 years old, have at least three years of driving experience, have a state driver’s license, a clean record, and you must be able to pass a criminal record test.

Complete Surveys

There are many reputable survey services out there.  They pay you money for filling up surveys for Canadians about services, products, etc.  Companies are looking the opinion of common users, and they are willing to pay you for that input.

Don’t expect to get a load of surveys at a time.  Most of the time, you will make pocket money with a couple of surveys.  But the more you participate and engage, the higher the chances of getting online surveys mailed to you.

The great thing about online surveys is that it does not take you much time to complete them, you do not need any experience and they are free.

Start a Blog

Is there something that you are passionate about and have a load of information that needs to be shared?  Start a blog and share your knowledge with the world.  If this is positive in your case, start but don’t expect to make money right away.  Most bloggers actually advise you to start a blog if you like to write;  otherwise, it will feel like excruciating work.

Be patient and start generating content that people want to read about.  There are several ways of monetizing your blog: Google AdSense, affiliate marketing, ebooks, private advertising, and more.