Best five Restaurants in Toronto

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Toronto is a city characterized by different sightseeing experience. Most of the tours to Toronto have flexible options of either exploring the city by bus, boat, by bike or on foot. There are a variety of streets which depict the culture of the city. This includes the Queens Street’s back alleys which are filled with street culture and slang. Niagara Falls is a must see feature in Toronto. This falls is one of the most famous falls in the world. This city is also characterized by a long history with bear. There are a lot of crafted breweries which include Amsterdam brewers, steam whistles brewing and mill street brewers. Despite all this tourism activities which can be done in this city you visit will only be complete with a visit to some of the best restraurant in this arear.Toronto has some of the most incredible restaurants in the world. This makes this restaurants a must visit. The following is a description of some of these restaurants.


mar12Chantecler2This hotel is located on 1320 Queen Street West. It is characterized by three menus. Most of the people come to this restaurant for its a la carte lineup. Starters the likes of popcorn chicken which has been drizzled with honey rub shoulders and hot sauce is served. Beef and smoky pork will follow. Saturdays are characterized with an ever evolving tasting menu. Bay of Fundy scallops with Scallions and Kumquats is served followed by lobster. Sundays are characterized by a dim-sum-style lunch. You will also encounter a East-West fusion. This includes the likes of creamy pan-seared turnip cakes. This hotel has very comfortable sitting locations which gives you different views of the city.

Fat Pasha

This hotel is located in Dupont Street at the corner spot. This building once used to home for the Indian rice factory. Its dining room has been designed by Palmerstone designer and features artwork by Jeff Blackburn. Seating consists of: deep booths, grouping of two-tops and deep booths. It is characterized by a one menu page which has a wide range of meals. This menu blends Sephardic and Israeli cuisine. The restaurant serves street foods the likes of salads, mezze spreads and mixed grill. This is served alongside latkes topped with caviar.


downloadThis hotel is seated on Harbord village. It occupies the space which was formerly Momo’s Groteria &Groceteria and bakery. This building has been redesigned and now it looks like a modern lodge which has a concrete and metallic design. The dining area has been split into different multiple sections. The different locations are meant to give you different views of the restaurant and the city. Most of the food here has been influenced by the melting pot culture of the area. The restaurant has embraced a tapas-style concept which gives customers the chance of experiencing a wide range of ethnically inflected flavors.


This is a 45-seat restaurant which is devoted to revitalizing and modernizing the historic cuisine of natives. The interior features details the likes of copper light fixture, wood beam work and tapestries which clearly maps out wildlife migratory patterns. The menu opens with familiar snacks the likes of devilled eggs, Chinese sausage and panko-crusted arancini which has been flavored with mushroom. Then you are served with plump mussel infused with thick fog of the pine needle smoke. Crusty house-baked red fife bread is also served. The menu includes a large option from which you can select your preferred meal. There is a variety of signature cocktails which includes raspberry cider shrub spritz.

Bar Buca

RR_BarBucaThe menu in this restaurant has been specifically been designed with a drink-first focus. This cozy 38-seater is characterized with a modern Italian theme thanks to stand-up marble bar and the unfussy industrial-chic design. They have more than 30 wines and four sommelier. They menu consist of shared plate which you can easily eat with your hand. The Insalata Siciiana dish which is mixed with fennel, garum, red onion and puffed veal tendon is very famous in this restaurant.