The best apps to use in Toronto

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Well, it all depends on what you need to do in Toronto.  There are apps for pretty much everything.  You get apps for finding the best dining places, or museums.  You can get apps to learn about the best places to tour and so many other things.

The idea here is to make your living so much easier.  Yep, apps can do that! Mobile App Development Vancouver is a great app developer in Canada, some of their apps make lives easier in so many ways.  Let´s check out which ones do that here in Toronto.

Transit App

This is a necessary app for all TTC drivers. Traffic can be a nightmare.  It could be caused by a wreckage, slow traffic, or it simply is rush hour.  Transit App provides detailed information about traffic and gives you alternative routes.

Street Food Toronto

Looking for a food truck to energize yourself?  Going out to the city looking for one in your car or by foot is a thing of the past.  Street Food Toronto gives you details of all street vendors near your location.  It provides all the information you need, including a schedule of when and where they are open.


If you need a room to be cleaned, all you need to do is input the size of the room, what you need, and Cleanify will automatically suggest the best options for you.   You will get detailed information on types of services and prices.

Toronto Parking Finder

One of the most painful things while driving in Toronto is to find a parking spot.  Toronto Parking Finder does exactly what the name says.  It provides a map of all the available parking spots.  The application has a timer that helps you with the parking timer.

Toronto Cycling

This application basically tracks biking sessions.  During an active biking session, you get information such as speed, distance, and calories burnt.


There is a lot of musical talent gracing Toronto.  With Jukely, you have the option of coming to as many as you want.  This app is great for those who love music.  Through a monthly subscription, Jukely allows you to put your name on the last-minute guest list.


The best app for quick gifts.  The buyer selects a gift from a wide selection of products.  Recipient accepts the gift through email or phone.  The gift arrives at the recipient in three days.


A pretty useful app for parents who need a babysitter to take care of the kids.  The app offers a bio of all the available sitters that want to earn some extra cash.  Depending on the experience of the sitter, you will be charged.  For babysitter under 17, you will be charged an extra $7 cab fee.  Prices range from $5 to $11 per hour.

Blynk Style

Do not know what style to flash in Toronto streets? Maybe you have an idea but you do not how to match it with current trends.  That is exactly what Blynk Style does.  You input what type of dress you want for the day and the app will show some sample styles and combinations based on current trends.