I asked a business coach for the best advice for Toronto Businesses

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All of those who once were entrepreneurs and are now making serious profit from large businesses will tell you.  One of the first things you do before starting an enterprise is testing the waters.  What are your options for profit? If you live in a place where most of the population are vegans, you wouldn´t want to start a steak house there, now would you?

So, it is about learning what is the kind of people that live in a place.  Their culture.  Their mindsets and cosmovision.  Tapping into all these things are the best way of starting a business.  I asked a business coach what is the best advice she can provide to Toronto Businesses.  Here´s a summary of what she said.

Toronto life

Since first we need to know what people on a place are, let´s take a look at what people in Toronto look like.  The city is fascinating.  I believe that what mostly affects how people feel about the city has to do with its unique post-industry city.  It is a fascinating and probably boring place at the same time.

The city has seen a tremendous growth in recent years.  If you notice, all those tall buildings were not there twenty years ago.  But people still love it here.  The typical Canadian from Toronto likes to live at ease.  Remember the 2008 depression? Toronto did not feel it.  But that was just because they lack the ambition to grow away from their comfort zone.

Some advice

So here’s the piece of advice for Toronto business right now.  Keep up!  This post-industry growth we are seeing is unprecedented.  This new Toronto will demand from its highest children and you’d better be one.  Stay on the edge of technology and advance.  Do not let nostalgia keep you behind.  Move forward.

Always stay on check for new tendencies and even new ways of doing business.  Needless to say, technology advancements are moving way too fast, too forward.  If your business becomes financially obese, you will have a hard time catching up.

Top opportunities for business in Toronto

Here are ten small business areas you should be investing on in Toronto:

  1. DayCare and babysitting.  A more grown city is a result of more people working.  Most families include both working parents.  They are more than willing to have a person take care of their kids.  Mistrust should not be a problem since Toronto is by far one of the safest cities in the world.
  2. Healthy food restaurants.  Because basically many Canadians love gluten-free food.
  3. Body decorator.  This trend is very popular, especially among the youth.
  4. Transportation.  Decide between a taxi where you can cater to the general public or a more complex limousine driving service.
  5. Mobile application development.  This is an important task in Toronto.  Many businesses are still not going to even test the waters in this regard.
  6. Tea/Coffee Shop.  The city is moving fast.  People do not have the time to sit down to eat.  A tea/coffee shop is an awesome idea.  Make it expeditious and efficient.
  7. E-commerce is a great opportunity for people who do want or do not have the time to go from store to store.  Online shopping is the best option for them.
  8. Catering services.  Start a catering business if you love food, cooking, and actually know how to do it.
  9. Pet care products.  People love their pets and thousands of dollars are spent every day on pet accessories and products.  Wouldn´t you want to take a bite from that piece?
  10. Business Coaching.  An industrialized city like Toronto will always need business coaches as more and more businesses are blooming.