Why I splurged on a Hermann Miller office chair!


You surely know the real importance of having the right office chair. That’s the same reason why more and more companies and offices would really exert their full efforts to buy the most ideal one. Given the amount of office chair available in the market these days, it might not really be that easy to spot the best one. So to say, most of them look exactly the same. But when you get to sit on them, then you’ll know the difference.

That’s what happened when I first seated on a Hermann Miller office chair which was suggested by a friend. Even before, I don’t really care what office chair I sit, as long as it has the basic feature like the armrest, the swivels and the head support. And when I tried Hermann Miller, I suddenly realize that it was different from the others. I used to sit for hours working on some stuff on my desk. But this time, I didn’t feel any pain around my back and neck which I think is amazing for me.

Because of such experience, I am sharing why I splurged on a Hermann Miller office chair and why you should too.

The Best Chair

When you are looking for the best chair, there are several criteria that you need to consider. And the best of them all, is it should be able to provide comfort and support. Regardless of the design and material used, it should always be about keeping you comfortable. Even if you check on some of the office chair reviews, you’ll see how people are talking about support and comfort when it comes to their choices. And I think Hermann Miller Aeron office chair has that one best feature.

Another thing that you have to understand that not all office chairs fit to you. Depending on your weight, your height and your body, there would be something that suits you. However with Hermann Miller, it was made on three different sizes, highly adjustable in which will still fit you no matter what. You don’t have to go from one shop to another just to find the most ideal office chair for your size. You just need something that can be adjusted easy and stress-free.

Why Hermann Miller office chair?

So why is it worth to spend for a Hermann Miller office chair? Let’s check out what their chair actually can offer. With the support and comfort that it provides, you will definitely get tons of benefits more than you can imagine. Benefits that you can say is worth the money you’d be spending. The Aeron chair is considered one of its kind, with best mesh design that offers much more comfort.

When you feel comfortable on chair, you can sit a few hours a day without having back pain and neck pain. In return, you’ll health and posture will improve. You don’t feel agitated and pained the entire day. All in all, you will have a stress-free and happy life. Can you imagine you worked hours sitting in a chair and stand up feeling good?







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Classic Toronto Buildings Which Were Demolished

Classic Toronto buildings which were demolished usually did not pass asbestos testing. Not only is it a loss because of its historical value, they could have been saved had they subjected it to asbestos removal. If you walk down Toronto’s condo-filled areas, you will have no idea what classic structures used to stand there. From Downton Abbey like mansions to old registry building, these architectural ghosts are all the result of asbestos devastation.

  1. University Avenue Armouries—Looking a lot like a Scottish Castle, historian and author Richard Fiennes-Clinton describe it as Casa Loma in squat version. This brick building was built around 1891-1893. Canadian troops trained in this place both for public events and actual wars. This building has survived both World War I and World War II.
  2. Chorley House—The house of Toronto’s lieutenant-governor, the Chorley House closely resembles the real Downton Abbey. One of the most beautiful homes that existed in Toronto’s, it’s almost like French chateaus. Amid great concerns of government spending, the Chorley House was closed during the Great Depression.
  3. Shea’s Hippodrome Theatre—Built and opened in 1914, only to be demolished in 1957, this enormous theatre is the immediate casualty of the creation of the Nathan Phillips Square. Originally created as a music hall, it hosted musical acts and later on some circuses.
  4. Registry of Deeds and Land Titles—If you have seen the Registry of Deeds and Land Titles building, you would have thought you are in ancient Greece. With all its Ionic columns, this building resembles the Greek theatres and government buildings too. Built in 1914 and 1917, this historical building was designed by Architect Charles S. Cobb. Again this is another casualty of the construction of the Nathan Phillip Square.
  5. Toronto Star Building—The Star Building used to stand at 80 King St. but it is now a distant remnant of history. When the newsroom moved to its new location at 1 Yonge St., the building was demolished in the early part of 1970.

All these amazing structures are mostly the victim of asbestos. When a building was created before the 1980s, there is a huge chance that it has asbestos in it. In order to know whether you have asbestos in your home or not, you have to submit your home for asbestos testing. When it is found that you have asbestos in your home, you need to have it removed.

When left to disintegrate, asbestos can be hazardous to your health. It can cause all sorts of lung problems including cancer and asbestosis. This can be prevented though, as long as you do your best to remove any amount of asbestos remaining in your home.

Don’t allow you home to be demolished like these buildings. Do your best to preserve it and stay with it until you have a very good reason to move somewhere else. When you decide to move, your house will sell well if you manage to free it from the contamination of asbestos.

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Where to Buy a Keg in Toronto

You’re throwing a birthday party and you’re wondering where you can buy a keg of draft for your mini kegerator. In Toronto, kegs and coolers are always filled with the best brew and it’s easy to find a local keg supplier. All you need is a little initiative to look for those obscure places where only the beer aficionados would look. But in this article, we will make things easier for you and I will list down a few recommendations as to where you can find the best keg.

Places to Find the Best Kegs of Craft Beer

Just when you think that kegs of craft are just for frat boys, think again. In Toronto, from the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest worker, they all enjoy a well served craft beer. When looking for a well crafted local brew, we’ve got you covered. In this article I will list down the best places where you can find kegs for your kegerator.

  1. Amsterdam Brewery

    If you are looking for the main brands, you can find 50L and 30L kegs at $212 and $135 respectively at Amsterdam. You can also find the most popular ones like Big Wheel, Amsterdam Blonde and for a deposit of $100, you can have a pump to go with your keg.

  2. Black Oak Brewery

    You can find here all the kegs that you can think of and they are all up for grabs. You can find for example 10 Bitter Years for $175, while the Pale Ale can cost up to $140. If they are not that busy, they can deliver the keg right out of you doorstep.

  3. Great Lakes Brewery

    At Great Lakes, you can buy 20L, 30L or 58L kegs with prices ranging from the kind of beer they contain and their lagers. The Tank Ten series for instance, are considered to be top tier pricing which means that you have to pay a fortune for it. You can also rent a pump but the best thing to do is to call ahead and get a reservation.

  4. Indie Alehouse

    Although often low on inventory due to high demand, Indie will sell kegs whenever they are available. Most aficionados make reservations ahead like four month ahead just to get the keg that they love. If you want, you can do the same.

  5. Junction Craft Beer

    At Junction Craft, you can always get the regular brews like Brakemans Session Ale and Conductors Craft Ale. You can also find other brands here depending on what’s pouring down their tap. If you leave a deposit, you can also get a decent keg pump. The best thing to do is to call and make a reservation.

  6. Kensington Brewing Company

    Typical of small brewing companies, Kensington always have a low inventory and they prioritize their loyal customers over home retails. When there is plenty of supply, they sell kegs to customers who mostly have advanced reservations.

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Sometimes photos aren’t enough! Why you shouldn’t trust the online photos when looking at businesses

They say that a business is more than meets the eye.  This can’t be truer when it comes to business photos.  I recently saw a video showing how a hamburger is styled before the promo picture is going to be taken.  Wow, they would decorate it and put makeup as if this were a hot model.   Now, you obviously do not get at the restaurant the same thing you see on the screen.  The picture makes it look obviously bigger and more appealing, for instance.

The purpose of photos

When you create listings for a real estate, for example, photos are the most important part of it.  You want to create a really stunning visual experience.  Your photos should not only portray what you want people to see, but it should do so professionally.

If you want to have a stunning real estate listings, I would recommend a top Real Estate Photography Calgary.  They really have a great reputation and their work is impeccable.  They really understand that a photograph being professional does not mean one being deceiving.

The purpose of photos is to honestly showcase what a business is about.  Placing “rigged” photos will only disappoint the public and will probably not put the company in a good word.

A pretty good angle

One of the things you must be aware of is that professional photographers will always look for the best angle to take.  There is no harm done here since that is what photographers do.  They stage spaces to make them look more appealing.  It’s just that these are the kind of pictures that you should not trust entirely.  Whatever you see on the pictures was probably staged.

Keep in mind that they will cover flaws, color spots, create artificial lighting.  A photographer going into a hotel room, will try to make the windows look larger and beds look shinier.

So you should just take a look at these pictures from a different angle and perspective.  Whenever you see a super cool picture of a piece of clothing just remember that it will probably not look like that at the store.


Of course, there is also our friend the photoshop.  You see, businesses will not admit touching their pictures.  Plus, when they do it, they will always try to be careful not to go overboard.  Almost all companies will use photoshop to make their products more visually appealing.

Regarding the previous point about the hotel room, there is a difference between taking the best possible angle and placing a stunning view that is not really there.  Hey, but they really want you to rent the room, right?

Looks can be deceiving, and so much more pictures of businesses.  My recommendation here is to always be sober when looking at listings or catalogs.  Place your mind in the place where the light does not shine so bright and the lines are not so pure.

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Find a Gun Range in Toronto

More and more people are into target shooting. That’s probably the main reason why you can find so many gun and shooting ranges in Toronto. Many target shooting enthusiasts are looking for a perfect place where they are able to shoot with ease and peace of mind. Whether you are using a real gun or an air gun, the most important thing is to make sure that you are in a safe and conducive shooting range.

In Toronto, you can find a number of gun ranges that can provide you with the best shooting experience that you want. Before you even start to check out the top gun ranges in the city, let’s find out what are the things that you need to look for a gun range.

Gun Ranges

It doesn’t matter whether you are using a pellet gun or a real live gun, what matter is you are shooting in the right place at the right time. The Pelletgunguru.com for instance provide better ideas how pellet gun enthusiasts should handle their guns. They may not be a real one, but they can be powerful enough to hurt someone. And most of them consider and treat their pellet guns and air rifles as a real one.

When you are looking for a gun range in Toronto, you’ve got to consider some stuff. One is the location and the area. Although they might not be getting a license for their business if they aren’t following the standards, but you still need to check for yourself whether the place and surrounding area is favourable or not. Above all, your safety is still your number one priority.

You might also check their facilities and the people assisting you.  Most especially if you consider yourself a beginner and just starting out, you still need some level of guidance which some instructors will do. If possible, check out some good recommendations and reviews a specific gun range to make sure that you are in the right place.

Finding a Gun Range in Toronto

After considering all the factors when it comes to choosing a gun range, it’s time for you to start looking for options and finding the best one for you. Since you are specifically looking for one in Toronto, you can check out some local directories for ideas. It would also important if you can use the internet to search. That way you are able to check some reviews to know what the other people can say about the range.

You can find some great sports centres around the city that offer great shooting adventure. These sports centre provides a lot of options in case you want to add some extra adventure. If you still aren’t sure about where to go, you can ask some other gun shooting enthusiasts or join a forum to get suggestions and feedbacks. Reach out with some gun lovers like you. They are the best source that you’ve got. They can surely share with you and experiences and thus will give you the ideas that you need on your next gun shooting fun.



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A Guide to selecting a Wedding Venue in Toronto with Great Wedding Décor

Couples who are planning a wedding spend a lot of time picking a venue for their event. It is very important to pick the right one because your venue creates the mood and atmosphere of your whole wedding.

For couples in Toronto, there are a lot of possible wedding venues for whatever type of wedding you’re planning with your partner. Whether you need a small or large venue, picking the venue needs a set of characteristics to consider so that you get the right one for you. I’ll be giving tips so you can figure out which of the many Toronto wedding venues will be perfect for your wedding.



For many couples, the budget is a very big concern. It is the factor which allows you to limit your list of venues. You can set a maximum budget allocation for your venue so you can pull back if the venue you like is a place you can’t afford. This is also easier on the disappointment since you have set expectations for your wedding. Also think about the average wedding cost toronto.



Wedding dates are usually set months or years before the actual wedding. A venue may be used for another event on the date you choose which won’t allow you to use it for your wedding. This is an inquiry that you can easily direct to the persons-in-charge of the venue to confirm its availability.



The wedding ceremony needs a certain amount of space to accommodate the plans of your wedding. It may start off as the place for your wedding then it gets flipped immediately to the wedding reception part of the event. This is where space considerations come in.

A venue should be easy to change if you plan on doing your wedding this way. It should have a space for cocktail drinks, desert bar, and chocolate fountains. It should also have a space to store for the tables, chairs and decors that you need when transitioning from wedding to reception.



Just like any event, transport for all your guests is also crucial. They should be able to get to the venue so they can attend the wedding. Whether through private cars or public vehicles, access to the venue should be considered.

For those driving to your venue, it should have parking space for cars. More remote locations will need a bus or shuttle that will take your guests from where their cars are parked to the venue of your wedding. This will need a bigger budget though.



Venues can have their own restriction with regards to catering. Some might not allow other caterers other than their own. Others may have a corkage fee for food brought into their venue. There are even venues who limit the kind of food that enter their venue like traditional/non-traditional cuisine.



Planning a wedding in toronto also entails the kind of mood you need to set. Your venue should be able to compliment the kind of environment you like for it. This starts with the wedding decorations for venues to set the mood.

The surrounding structures and features in the venue should match with the planned wedding decors. A beach wedding won’t be having barn wedding decorations. They should coincide with each other so you can make you wedding as perfect as it can be.

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How the Right Lighting will make the Perfect Wedding Day Photos

Light is everywhere and master photographers will be able to capture the perfect images with the right lighting. This becomes even more important for couple who want the perfect wedding day photos because it is a once in a lifetime event.

You have all these different locations for your wedding venue but you can’t decide. Well, one thing to consider is to notice the beautiful lighting that comes into the venue which will help your wedding photographers capture great photos.

Whether indoor or outdoor, natural light sources or artificial ones, the right lighting will be able to create the mood and build the right environment for your wedding. High quality light will be able to create the perfect image for anyone wanting to take great pictures.

Available Light

Most photographers consider the available light when thinking about taking photos during weddings. Natural light always enhances the photo and makes them more realistic so they try hard to incorporate it when taking photos.

A venue that has a lot of available light will help photographers have many options when taking pictures. They can use it as the main light source or the complementary source of light to their off-camera equipment to build a certain mood. Some photographers use the on-camera flash in conjunction with the natural light to create a certain kind of image.

Additional Lighting

These types of light will come from advanced photography equipment that professionals usually carry with them during events. It either adds to the lack of available light in the venue or enhances/reduces the effect of natural light on photos to create the image he wants.

This is for more advanced and creative wedding photographers that want a certain kind of image during a shot. It becomes especially crucial when taking portrait pictures of the bride and groom in the venue complete with the wedding decorations and other features.

The light or weather may not be so cooperative when taking their photos which won’t allow the photographer to get the kind of lighting they want. Additional lighting will help them make stronger images or images with soft light to create emotions.

Light Shaping

Light shaping tools can shine light on subjects at certain angles to create a perfect photo. Photographers love this tool because it allows them to tap into their creative imagination so they get different types of images to capture the whole event.

Whether it’s a softer or stronger looking photo, a light-shaping tool will give you that option. They will also be able to balance the lighting for photos when they see that the available light is affecting the shot with bad exposure. It expressly defines the details of the body and skin tone of the subject or on the beautiful venue you created for your wedding.

Building a great background for your photography will also help so that the lighting you use will accentuate the wedding photos taken by your photographer. It all needs a level of creativity and professionalism to use light to capture perfect wedding day photos.

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