I’m tired of great businesses having crappy websites

I think I had it with that.  You get great business ideas, innovative ones, breakthroughs, but completely lost in their digital marketing strategy.  More specifically, I am referring to crappy websites that do not really honor the quality of their ideas or services.

What I have seen

These are some of the things that I have seen on websites and make me cringe.

  • Horrible color contrast.  Was it a 3-yo who designed that?
  • No social media buttons. Are you kidding me?  How far do you really want to get?  Where do you think your audience is at?
  • Misuse of templates.  Ok, templates are a good way to start, but they look horrible when you make them too obvious.  Like, I have seen borders on a frame overlapping.  Seriously!?
  • Typos and spelling mistakes.  I think I can take a typo here and there, but spelling or even grammar mistakes?  Uh, haven´t you heard that content is king? If you cannot produce decent content, what are we doing then?  I don´t know!  What is life?
  • Broken links.  Nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a link that takes you nowhere.
  • That lorem ipsum crap. I mean, why did you make your website public if you are not going to fill it up.  Come on!
  • Crappy pictures.  That pictures that your 5-yo daughter took on vacation, yeah the one featuring her finger on the top left corner, yes, that one?  No, that one does not go on your website.  It is not a family album what you are putting up.
  • Slow loading.  Remember how I mentioned how nothing is more frustrating than clicking on a broken link?  Scratch that.  Slow websites beat that.  You can´t possibly even think of getting traffic with a site that takes eons to load.

Why I believe websites are so hideous

I believe that most of these good businesses got laid behind in technology.  We live in the age of communication where people are gobbling information like no other time.  You have an audience out there, you are an audience.  You say something that people can relate to, they will hear it.

But the face you put is very important.  And a basement that looks like your grandpa’s basement is not going to cut it.

Another reason why I believe websites of great businesses are so grim is that they do not really have a digital marketing strategy in place.  If only they knew all the wonders found in this type of marketing.  There is a lot more audience online than in the real world.

Businesses that are just getting started and doing great, are usually not willing to spend a dime on social media, for instance.  There is a huge demand for web development but the offer is not that much.  Startups do not necessarily have the ability or resources to hire some service on that scale.


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Divine Interventions Promises to help you Find True Love in Toronto

Still in the search for your true love? Well, you are definitely not alone. Millions all over the world are still struggling to find someone to love and to love them back. Many people actually depend on divine intervention for them to find the love of their life.

We are living in a world where we always believe on divine interventions when it comes to our love life. We believe that the heavens already have a plans to our life, and that includes the person who we can consider our one true love. It is like our love story was already written even before we were born.

So do you believe that Divine Interventions really promises you to find your one true love in Toronto? Imagine this, in a world where billions of people live you are destined to be with someone. That sounds very interesting isn’t it? How it is possible that two people are meant to meet each other and end up falling in love. Yet for many of us, we believe that the heavens, gods already made a plan for each and every one of us.

If many people believe on the power of divine interventions, it doesn’t make sense why many people are still signing up on social dating sites hoping that they would be able to meet someone that they might fall in love with. Some are even hiring love gurus and matchmakers to help them find their true love. It is safe to say that these people are probably in a hurry to find a partner or they are already running out of time. Or they are just too lazy to wait and find their true love on their own.

When it comes to finding true love, you have to remember that it doesn’t come in snap. If divine intervention works, it may not be as easy as love at first sight. Some love experts even said that finding true love is not that easy. Many people even thought that they have found one, but it up getting hurt. If you truly believe that the power of heavens will help you find that love, then make sure that you also do something about it. For instance, you are in Toronto. Then how are you able to find your true love if you don’t go out there and meet people? Waiting and staying at home won’t do you any good. If you want the heavens to help you, then you should help yourself too.

Or if you want to try hiring a matchmaker or use some dating apps and site that shouldn’t be a problem. Probably the heavens will still lead you to your true love. Always remember though that true love is not an instant thing. It is a matter of knowing the person better and how you too complement each other. As they say, true love comes once in a lifetime. And if you think you already found it, work it out and still have the divine intervention to help you out along the way.

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My guilty pleasure – going on virtual photo tours of some of the nicest homes in Toronto

We all have this guilty pleasure we do not really want people to know about, really.  Today, I am writing a blog post about mine.  Go figure.  Maybe it´s not really something to be embarrassed.  It´s probably just that I love Toronto so much that I want to suck in everything I can.

That being said, if you want to know how people live in a place and more of its culture, nothing like going into their homes. You see, I have made plenty of friend in this town, but this does not mean I have a good sample of how daily life develops here.

Life of a house

I love to take strolls on the streets. Breathing in the air and sensing people’s heart through their activities is mesmerizing.  It kinda fills me up if you must. One of my favorite things to do is to walk by houses and fences and enjoy the architectonic design of every building.

Even the color of a house tells you a lot about people living there.  But I am not interested in the particular way of living of people, of course.  I believe that the small glimpse you get to see from everyone is enough to establish a cultural pattern.

Among the houses of urban and suburban areas, there are these that are truly beautiful.  You can tell the design was carefully made with dedication.  Who does not love a beautiful house front behind a colorful garden?

The best real estate photography

As much as I wished I could, I do not find it very appropriately to stand in front of a house and start snapping photos.  One thing about an architectonic work that I enjoy is to go through every detail.  There are lots of really impressive designs here in Toronto.  So, yes, it is a guilty pleasure I have.

It occurred to me that one great way of checking out these nice homes with more detail was through professional photography.  After checking out some options, I was not really satisfied.  You can call me a high-maintenance, but to me, the best photo is the one that makes me feel very closely to the reality.  This means no enhancement or photoshop works for me.  Just show me what it is and how it is.

I then landed to YYC3D.com and was impressed.  The quality of the pictures was so good and whoever their photographer is (or are), I feel like this person was able to capture the life in this house.  That is one impressive thing to do.

So now I take virtual tours around homes here and yes, that is my guilty pleasure.

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Balayage hair – DIY or go to a salon?

One of the hottest hairstyles right now is the stunning Balayage style. If you’re not familiar with this it’s a French word that means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. It’s been around for quite a while but its popularity is soaring currently. As a free-hand painting technique, the color is literally painted onto your hair giving a very subtle shift in color tone from dark to light. The end result is a sun-kissed look that will make friends think you’ve spent the last three months in the Caribbean.

 So how does it work?

Instead of traditional highlights which are done with foils, Balayage is only applied onto the surface of each strand rather than being saturated all the way through to the tips. If it’s not spread evenly the effect can look very harsh. You may be wondering so whether you should do it yourself or get it done at a salon?

If you’ve done your own highlights before and are confident with yourself then you can certainly pull it off yourself. If however previous hair dying attempts have not gone so well then you may want to go to a salon. Even so, if you get it wrong the first time the results won’t be too bad, the worst that will happen is your hair will be a bit lighter than initially planned. Seeing a professional hair stylist though will guarantee an amazing result, I got mine done at Arial Salon while I was in Vancouver and they did a terrific job!

For those who choose the DIY option, follow these simple results.

Follow the instructions on the box carefully

Chose a color that’s about three shades lighter than your natural hair color. Each product will be a little different so follow the instructions on the box carefully. Even if you’ve used similar products before it’s always good to do an allergy test first.

Apply the ‘hot cross bun technique’

For home balayage, most people recommend using the ‘hot cross bun technique’. Divide your hair into four sections by running a comb down the center of your head and then from ear to ear. This will allow you to work on one section at a time.

Twist and tease

Going section by section, twist your hair from mid-length to end. Then tease at the start point of the twist with a comb. This will keep the dye from running too close to your hair roots.

Apply the hair dye

Now it’s time to apply the dye. Start with the ends and then work from mid-length downwards. It’s good to use your fingers for this to spread the dye evenly. Just make sure you keep it away from the roots. Work from one section to another while using hair clips to secure each one.


Rinse and apply treatment

Using lukewarm water, rinse and apply tone if you need to. After applying hair treatment rinse again and leave your hair to dry out naturally.

And there you have it. It should take about an hour, depending on the desired effect. The better you section off your hair the easier it will be to spread the dye evenly.

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Why I splurged on a Hermann Miller office chair!


You surely know the real importance of having the right office chair. That’s the same reason why more and more companies and offices would really exert their full efforts to buy the most ideal one. Given the amount of office chair available in the market these days, it might not really be that easy to spot the best one. So to say, most of them look exactly the same. But when you get to sit on them, then you’ll know the difference.

That’s what happened when I first seated on a Hermann Miller office chair which was suggested by a friend. Even before, I don’t really care what office chair I sit, as long as it has the basic feature like the armrest, the swivels and the head support. And when I tried Hermann Miller, I suddenly realize that it was different from the others. I used to sit for hours working on some stuff on my desk. But this time, I didn’t feel any pain around my back and neck which I think is amazing for me.

Because of such experience, I am sharing why I splurged on a Hermann Miller office chair and why you should too.

The Best Chair

When you are looking for the best chair, there are several criteria that you need to consider. And the best of them all, is it should be able to provide comfort and support. Regardless of the design and material used, it should always be about keeping you comfortable. Even if you check on some of the office chair reviews, you’ll see how people are talking about support and comfort when it comes to their choices. And I think Hermann Miller Aeron office chair has that one best feature.

Another thing that you have to understand that not all office chairs fit to you. Depending on your weight, your height and your body, there would be something that suits you. However with Hermann Miller, it was made on three different sizes, highly adjustable in which will still fit you no matter what. You don’t have to go from one shop to another just to find the most ideal office chair for your size. You just need something that can be adjusted easy and stress-free.

Why Hermann Miller office chair?

So why is it worth to spend for a Hermann Miller office chair? Let’s check out what their chair actually can offer. With the support and comfort that it provides, you will definitely get tons of benefits more than you can imagine. Benefits that you can say is worth the money you’d be spending. The Aeron chair is considered one of its kind, with best mesh design that offers much more comfort.

When you feel comfortable on chair, you can sit a few hours a day without having back pain and neck pain. In return, you’ll health and posture will improve. You don’t feel agitated and pained the entire day. All in all, you will have a stress-free and happy life. Can you imagine you worked hours sitting in a chair and stand up feeling good?







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Classic Toronto Buildings Which Were Demolished

Classic Toronto buildings which were demolished usually did not pass asbestos testing. Not only is it a loss because of its historical value, they could have been saved had they subjected it to asbestos removal. If you walk down Toronto’s condo-filled areas, you will have no idea what classic structures used to stand there. From Downton Abbey like mansions to old registry building, these architectural ghosts are all the result of asbestos devastation.

  1. University Avenue Armouries—Looking a lot like a Scottish Castle, historian and author Richard Fiennes-Clinton describe it as Casa Loma in squat version. This brick building was built around 1891-1893. Canadian troops trained in this place both for public events and actual wars. This building has survived both World War I and World War II.
  2. Chorley House—The house of Toronto’s lieutenant-governor, the Chorley House closely resembles the real Downton Abbey. One of the most beautiful homes that existed in Toronto’s, it’s almost like French chateaus. Amid great concerns of government spending, the Chorley House was closed during the Great Depression.
  3. Shea’s Hippodrome Theatre—Built and opened in 1914, only to be demolished in 1957, this enormous theatre is the immediate casualty of the creation of the Nathan Phillips Square. Originally created as a music hall, it hosted musical acts and later on some circuses.
  4. Registry of Deeds and Land Titles—If you have seen the Registry of Deeds and Land Titles building, you would have thought you are in ancient Greece. With all its Ionic columns, this building resembles the Greek theatres and government buildings too. Built in 1914 and 1917, this historical building was designed by Architect Charles S. Cobb. Again this is another casualty of the construction of the Nathan Phillip Square.
  5. Toronto Star Building—The Star Building used to stand at 80 King St. but it is now a distant remnant of history. When the newsroom moved to its new location at 1 Yonge St., the building was demolished in the early part of 1970.

All these amazing structures are mostly the victim of asbestos. When a building was created before the 1980s, there is a huge chance that it has asbestos in it. In order to know whether you have asbestos in your home or not, you have to submit your home for asbestos testing. When it is found that you have asbestos in your home, you need to have it removed.

When left to disintegrate, asbestos can be hazardous to your health. It can cause all sorts of lung problems including cancer and asbestosis. This can be prevented though, as long as you do your best to remove any amount of asbestos remaining in your home.

Don’t allow you home to be demolished like these buildings. Do your best to preserve it and stay with it until you have a very good reason to move somewhere else. When you decide to move, your house will sell well if you manage to free it from the contamination of asbestos.

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Where to Buy a Keg in Toronto

You’re throwing a birthday party and you’re wondering where you can buy a keg of draft for your mini kegerator. In Toronto, kegs and coolers are always filled with the best brew and it’s easy to find a local keg supplier. All you need is a little initiative to look for those obscure places where only the beer aficionados would look. But in this article, we will make things easier for you and I will list down a few recommendations as to where you can find the best keg.

Places to Find the Best Kegs of Craft Beer

Just when you think that kegs of craft are just for frat boys, think again. In Toronto, from the mightiest pharaoh to the lowliest worker, they all enjoy a well served craft beer. When looking for a well crafted local brew, we’ve got you covered. In this article I will list down the best places where you can find kegs for your kegerator.

  1. Amsterdam Brewery

    If you are looking for the main brands, you can find 50L and 30L kegs at $212 and $135 respectively at Amsterdam. You can also find the most popular ones like Big Wheel, Amsterdam Blonde and for a deposit of $100, you can have a pump to go with your keg.

  2. Black Oak Brewery

    You can find here all the kegs that you can think of and they are all up for grabs. You can find for example 10 Bitter Years for $175, while the Pale Ale can cost up to $140. If they are not that busy, they can deliver the keg right out of you doorstep.

  3. Great Lakes Brewery

    At Great Lakes, you can buy 20L, 30L or 58L kegs with prices ranging from the kind of beer they contain and their lagers. The Tank Ten series for instance, are considered to be top tier pricing which means that you have to pay a fortune for it. You can also rent a pump but the best thing to do is to call ahead and get a reservation.

  4. Indie Alehouse

    Although often low on inventory due to high demand, Indie will sell kegs whenever they are available. Most aficionados make reservations ahead like four month ahead just to get the keg that they love. If you want, you can do the same.

  5. Junction Craft Beer

    At Junction Craft, you can always get the regular brews like Brakemans Session Ale and Conductors Craft Ale. You can also find other brands here depending on what’s pouring down their tap. If you leave a deposit, you can also get a decent keg pump. The best thing to do is to call and make a reservation.

  6. Kensington Brewing Company

    Typical of small brewing companies, Kensington always have a low inventory and they prioritize their loyal customers over home retails. When there is plenty of supply, they sell kegs to customers who mostly have advanced reservations.

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